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"Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are. You can make a correct concept of the mind and human nature, looking around his library "- Charles Blanc. I wonder what would have happened in the opinion of Charles Blanc of our generation, when most of the population does not read books and has no home libraries. Maybe it will seem strange to you, but if people do not read books, he did not simply develop but gradually degrades. The total weight of this quickly, because people develop evenly during the training period, and as evenly lose all the acquired skills. Reading man in modern society sets itself apart from the rest of the mass. Moreover, a person who reads a good quality literature and not tabloid Adventure and romance. Yes, such a person is smart. He knows a lot of things, he is well versed in a variety of topics and is presented to us pleasant and interesting to talk to. It costs nothing to grab the attention of the public. His speech, like a mountain stream, fresh, clean and exciting. Reading people is always a great inventor. He does not get bored and lonely. He always knows what to do with themselves and others. After all, the book not only enrich our knowledge, but also perfectly develop the imagination.

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